36th European Colloid & Interface Society Conference

Advanced Characterization and Modelling techniques for Colloids” 

2-3 September 2022, FORTH, Heraklion

Motivation: Properties of soft matter systems result from balance of different interactions acting on a range of length scales. Their proper characterization requires appropriate tools and techniques allied to pertinent interpretation. Techniques continuously evolve to adapt to the more challenging questions on more complex materials.  This short course aims to provide an up to date introduction to optical microscopy, scattering and rheometry as tools for characterization of soft materials and an introduction on the capabilities of numerical simulations for the microscopic understanding of the behavior, and the prediction of structure-property relations, of soft matter systems.

Venue and format: The Short Course will take place at the premises of the Polymer & Colloid Laboratory, at FORTH, in Heraklion. A hybrid format will be adopted, with 50 on-site participants and 20 online participants. The Course will consist of 4 half-day sessions and will include hands-on demonstration of experiments (microscopy, rheometry, scattering) and simulations.

Registration: You can register at the Short Course HERE: https://ecis2022.org/registration/short-course-registration/ . Note that due to limited numbers, places are available on a “first come, first served” basis. Registration will close when all places are filled.

Accommodation: Information about accommodation in Heraklion for the duration of the Short Course can be found HERE (https://ecis2022.org/practical-info/accommodation/). The participants that wish so, may book their accommodation through the Online Booking Platform.

Transportation: A shuttle service will be provided to all participants from the center of Heraklion (Square of the “18 Agglon”, at the end of the 25th August Avenue) to FORTH at 08:20 on the 2nd and the 3rd of September with return to Heraklion at 19:00. Lunches and coffee breaks will be provided on both days at FORTH. A short-course dinner is also organized for all participants on Saturday 3rd of September. A Bus transfer from Heraklion to the Minoa Palace conference venue at Chania will be provided for all short-course participants on Sunday morning at 10.00 (starting at “18 Agglon square”).  

The detailed Program-Syllabus can be found HERE.
Certificates can be sent upon request to info@ecis2022.org

  Tutors :

Prof. Stefan Egelhaaf (Light scattering)

Prof Roberto Cerbino (Optical microscopy)

Prof. Jan Vermant (Rheology)

Prof. Roseanna Zia and Prof. Vangelis Harmandaris (Numerical Simulation)


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