36th European Colloid & Interface Society Conference

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ECIS2022 Satellite Meeting

Satellite Session: “
Tribological effects on rheology of suspensions: Surface forces, contact effects, and chemical modifications”

This two-day symposium is focused on the influence and control of surface interactions and contact forces on rheology of dispersed particulate systems; a mix of invited and contributed talks will be included.  The influence of physico-chemical effects on the contact interaction, and their impact on the bulk rheology, are of interest. From colloidal gels to dense suspensions in the jamming limit, recent research has shown that the close-pair interaction has a dominant influence on the behavior of suspensions, as the influence of this tribological “contact zone” propagates to the bulk scale, altering the window of operability of processes and the absolute flowability of materials.  Topics of interest include but are not limited to surface modifications including geometric (e.g. roughness modification) as well as chemical treatments, direct surface force and tribological characterization of the particle contact coupled to bulk rheology, as well as analysis and simulation of surface force effects on microscopic motions and stress bulk  transmission.

The session will start on Sunday 4th September (14.30 to 19.00) and will continue on Monday 5th September as one of the four parallel sessions of ECIS2022.

The session will take place in a hybrid format (with both onsite and online presentations) and will include both invited and contributed talks.


  • Wilson Poon | The University of Edinburgh, UK
  • Emanuela del Gado | Georgetown University, USA
  • Jeff Morris | CUNY, USA
  • Nic Spencer | ETH Zurich, Switzerland
  • Annie Colin | ESPCI, Paris, France






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